Usha and Mercy
Kisumu - Kenya

Reflections on my journey through life...


Exodus :: My husband died one mild February afternoon. He had been very ill for a few months and I was constantly surrounded by well- meaning people. At times it seemed so claustrophobic, I screamed inwardly, " I just want to be alone." Of my many wishes of that time... (Read More)

Out of Africa ::This was my first trip to Africa, the Dark Continent. From Nairobi, I took a short flight to Kisumu in western Kenya in a tiny bird like plane. We flew really low... (Read More)

Mind Matters ::One of the most common attacks to our mind is disappointment. Everyone of us has been disappointed at some time or other � we may have expected good marks in our exams and discovered that actually we failed, or wanted a particular gift... (Read More)

The Ahimsa Way ::As Indian history unfolded, HIMSA - that which is violent, hurtful and brings great disharmony - is what people were used to. Tired of himsa, kings and warriors looked for an alternative to violence to hold on to their kingdoms, wealth and power... (Read More)

An Act of Discovery ::Ever since I can remember there has been a book beside my bed. I think it all began when as a little girl I was in bed for months after reconstructive surgery to my leg. Every body who came to visit me brought books. (Read More)

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