About me :
I am a writer and mother to Jamie, John and Mallika. Much of my working life has been spent at the grassroots bridging the gap between people, cultures and faiths. As a journalist and broadcaster, I have spoken and written for a world wide youth audience on values that shape and achieve harmony in personal and community life.

My travels have taken me to Kenya, Belfast, Cyprus, China, Singapre, Hong Kong, Thailand , Bali, London, Brazil, Israel, Dublin, and most of Western Europe researching and working with people and children who have suffered violence.

Interests : I love writing, being with my children and their friends, cooking, reading, listening to music, being by myself, being hospitable, growing my own vegetables, watching movies.

Books on my bedside table:

The Great Transformation by Karen Armstrong
The Inner Voice of Love by Henri Nouwen

Issues in Healing

There are many issues that come to mind when we think of healing. We know that suffering and disease have been with us from the beginning of time and throughout history humankind has reacted to pain and suffering in the same way by asking the questions: “Why pain? Why suffering? Why me?” and seeking to find some meaning in its suffering.

When we are sick or in pain, our greatest hope is for healing. The amazing hand of God has provided many channels through which one can receive healing. When confronted by disease, most people go straight to a doctor or hospital. Some prefer alternative traditional medicines or systems that are special to their culture like acupuncture/ ayurveda/yoga/reiki/shibashi etc. Others try massage or exercise, or speak with counsellors to relieve stress and pain.

Many, whatever their faith traditions, put their faith in God and healing through the power of prayer.

Whatever the channel we pursue for our healing, sometimes we are cured, sometimes we are not. Even if we are not cured physically, often we are healed of the wounds we carry in our soul. Those who have not been cured of their physical diseases but whose souls have been healed say that this kind of healing is what really matters.

Usha Jesudasan